Tips for Furnishing a Mid-Century Modern Office

A mid-century modern office can make you feel relaxed and creative while still looking professional. If you've always enjoyed the appearance of furniture made between the 1940s and 1960s, you may want to find some furniture of your own.

When furnishing your mid-century modern office, it is important to find pieces that are both stylish and functional. Here are some tips to help you get the best look for your space.

Choose a Natural Desk

A natural desk is a must for any mid-century modern office. Wooden desks help fill this role well. Look for desks made of walnut, teak, or oak.

When it comes to other furniture, natural materials also work well. For instance, leather is a great choice to accent the wood.

Balance Industrial and Retro Styles

Mid-century modern designs tend to combine both industrial and retro looks. This can be reflected in your furniture choices. Look for chairs that have both a vintage look as well as modern features and steel accents.

Incorporate Artwork

Mid-century modern offices look best when they incorporate artwork that reflects the era. Look for prints and posters from famous artists reminiscent of the era, like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, or Mark Rothko.

Embrace Minimalism

Mid-century modern designs often embrace minimalism. To keep from overcrowding your office, choose only a few pieces of furniture that are necessary for the space and pair them with warm lighting fixtures for a cozy look.

Use Shelves with Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a hallmark of mid-century modern style. Look for shelving with diamond, oval, or hexagonal patterns to accessorize your room.

Find a Couch or Chair with Clean Lines

Clean lines are a must-have in any mid-century modern office. Look for chairs, couches, and ottomans with curved edges and solid hues for the best look.

Seating areas with clean lines also look fantastic with bold, primary colors. Red, blue, and yellow are all expressive options. You can pair them with neutral colors to add just a pop of color to the room.

Incorporate Vases & Plants

Vases and plants add life to a mid-century modern office. Look for vases in ceramic or glass and place them on bookshelves or side tables. You can also use succulents and other small plants as accents throughout the room.

Furnishing Your Office Can Be Fun

Choosing the right furniture for your mid-century modern office can be a fun way to express yourself and create a relaxing space that helps you work at your best. Turn to an office furniture supplier to learn more.