Do Wallpaper Products Have a Place in Modern Interior Design?

For years on end, wallpaper products were often associated with cottage style and rustic interior décor schemes, and this is because these products were highly popular decades ago. But this does not mean they are old-fashioned. In recent times, the wallpaper industry has undergone a design overhaul to bring about contemporary styles that seamlessly blend into homes characterized by their chic and sleek design.

However, some homeowners still give wallpaper products a wide berth under the reposition that they are only fit for their grandparent's homes, which is grossly untrue. You could be surprised to learn that opting for wallpaper installation could prove more beneficial than painting your interiors. If you are unconvinced, have a look at the following persuasive reasons why wallpaper products are staking their claim in modern interior design.

Wallpaper Products Increase the Functionality of Your Interior Design

When you think of wallpaper products, you probably assume their sole function is enhancing the appearance of your interiors by adding either color or patterns to your walls, but this is incorrect. The truth is wallpaper can also make your interior design more functional for a variety of reasons. Undoubtedly, the first practical benefit of opting to install wallpaper in your home rather than paint is the immediate protection it provides your walls.

For instance, wet rooms would do well with vinyl wallpaper products that are water-resistant, which limits moisture damage and mold growth in these spaces. In addition to this, wallpaper products can be applied to camouflage cosmetic damages to your walls in the form of cracks, chips, and stains.

Wallpaper Products Are Highly Adaptable to Your Interior Design Needs

Another reason new-age homeowners may steer clear of wallpaper products is due to the presumption that they are exclusively available in tacky colors and gaudy prints that will make a room look busier than it is. However, this is incorrect. Certainly, gaudy baroque styles were popular in years past. Nonetheless, over the years, wallpaper products are not available in a vast range of finishes to match all your interior décor needs.

As an example, if you are looking to add timber accents to your living spaces but do not have the budget to invest in real wood, you can choose wallpaper products with a wood faux-finish to add borders wherever you need them. The same goes for other materials such as natural stone, marble, or even metallic touches. You should also know that you do not have to install wallpaper on the entire wall. Instead, you can have the installers make the most of wallpaper décor by cutting it to fit in between shelving, on molding, the ceiling, and so on.