5 Ways to Create Your Own Eat-in Kitchen

Do you want to add an eat-in kitchen element to your kitchen remodel? This popular kitchen feature makes larger kitchens homier, can get the family together more often, and adds functionality to smaller spaces. But what type of eat-in feature should you install? Here's a guide to five of the most common choices.

Kitchen Table

A kitchen table isn't quite the same as a dining table, so it's important to understand the differences. First, the kitchen table should generally have a slimmer and smaller design that typically holds fewer people. It should also be more sturdy and able to take the wear-and-tear of family life better than a table in a separate room. Finally, most kitchen tables are simpler in design to match the kitchen's tone. 


A banquette is a bench usually installed along a wall, and it can be used as seating for a table. Most eat-in kitchens have a table surrounded by three banquettes. Banquettes are commonly used in breakfast nooks or under bay windows, but they can also be used to give some structure to an open kitchen. One advantage of the banquette over other eating areas is that they often include built-in storage. 

Hybrid Banquette

A space-saving and more aesthetically pleasing version of banquette seating is a hybrid style. To accomplish this, you add the bench to one or two sides of the table but leave the third and/or fourth sides open for regular chairs. If a banquette would seem too harsh or overpowering for your space, this could be a great solution. It also makes the eating area more flexible. 


Can you have an eat-in kitchen if your kitchen is already small? One easy solution is to add the seating to an existing island. This allows you to customize the eat-in portion to the size of your kitchen. Stools can also be tucked away underneath to further reduce the eating area's footprint. 


Finally, a peninsula seating area is much like an island, but it provides more structure to the room and may have a smaller footprint. Depending on your layout, it also allows you to have the seating outside the actual cooking area while still allowing it to feel connected. 

Which eat-in option is right for your kitchen? The answer depends on your goals, your layout, and your kitchen size. But no matter which style you choose, the result will surely be a kitchen that everyone can enjoy together more often. Start by learning more from a home remodeling service that specializes in kitchens.