4 Reasons To Choose Real Antiques Over Reproductions And "Inspired" Decor

Do you love antique and vintage decor? You will undoubtedly find a plethora of more modern reproductions and "'vintage inspired" furnishings to fill your home. Many of these will be appealing both in form and in the cheaper price tag. But why should you stick with actual antique pieces? Here are four of the best reasons. 

1. The Quality Is Better

Antique furniture was generally not mass-produced, and it was not made from sub-par materials. Modern choices often suffer from both these quality issues. When you buy something actually from the time period, it has weight and is more likely to stand the test of time. 

2. It Has a Story

New furniture doesn't tell a story. But antique pieces — even everyday items — have an interesting story to tell. It could be a family story if the decor item or furniture piece was passed down through the generations. Or it could be its own story, such as a lamp that was found in the structure during renovation or an decorative molding rescued from a demolished home. If you feel that the stories add to your home's ambiance, you need items with actual history. 

3. It's Unique

True antiques are often part of a very limited set of creations. They may be one-of-a-kind, made by a skilled tradesperson by hand. They could be produced as part of a very small run of pieces that took a long time to craft. Or there could be only a few survivors to this era. Whatever causes their uniqueness, it's a feature that modern reproductions cannot match. In those, you will get what many others have already gotten — perhaps even what some of your friends or neighbors already own. 

4. You Will Know

Even if a reproduction or replica piece looks on its surface to be the same as an antique one — with a patina or wear around the edges, for example — you will know that it's not real. For true antique lovers, this is a big difference. Every time you see it or get a compliment about it, you will remember that it's not a real piece and doesn't feel authentic. 

Which of these benefits of true antiques appeals most to you? Whatever your interest in a true antique, finding it will be more fulfilling than saving money on something produced by machines in our modern times. And that will be worth the extra effort. Contact a company that sells antique decor to learn more.