4 Decorative Accent Mistakes To Avoid

Finding a decorative piece that you love for your home is awesome. However, when you find piece after piece that you love, and you put them all in your home — the problems start. The issue is that while most people have good intentions, they ultimately make their home look cluttered and less than stylish. Not sure if you're making this mistake; learn more.

1. Arranging Too Many Accents in One Space

Don't feel like you have to put all your accents in one area. Take a sofa table, for instance. If the table was full of all types of accent pieces, it would make the entire room look cluttered and unorganized. In this instance, it might not be that you have too many pieces, it's just that they aren't spread around the room. Utilize every surface in your room to display your pieces if you want to avoid this type of issue. 

2. Putting Everything on the Wall

It's also helpful not to put everything on the wall, especially when it comes to framed pictures and photographs. Don't be afraid to arrange some of the framed art on the coffee table, bookshelf, or another flat surface. When you clutter the wall, you actually shrink the room. If the room is already dark and small, this type of mistake is the last thing you need. 

3. Failing to Establish a Theme

Don't just pick up a piece and place it in a room because you like it. When you shop, you should also think about the overall theme of the room and the other pieces in the room to ensure it will fit. Take a rhinestone-lined table centerpiece, for instance. While the centerpiece might be remarkable, if you're thinking of placing it in a farmhouse themed dining room, it simply won't work. Make sure all your pieces speak to a theme.  

4. Using Too Many Materials

You also want to be mindful of the material design of each accent piece you place in a room. Similar to the room has a theme, the material used inside a room should also be complementary. For example, you don't want to have a table of accents with some designed in wood, others in acrylic, some plastic, and some iron. In this instance, that display has just too much variety and creates visual clutter. 

Home design involves more than putting a few pieces you love in a room; it's all about the proper arrangement, the feeling of the space, and meaningful design. If you want to create a truly special space, contact an interior design professional who can help.