Ideas Of Ways To Decorate Your Walls With Picture Frames

Everyone knows that you can purchase picture frames to hang on your walls to display photographs of your family members or friends, but that is not the only way you can use picture frames for decorating your home. There are plenty of other ways you can use them, and selecting the right types of decorative frames is a great way to decorate your home in the following creative ways.

Use Magazine Photos or Posters

One great way to decorate your home affordably with picture frames is by clipping pictures out of magazines or buying small posters and placing them in the frames. For example, if you are decorating your living room in a wildlife or jungle theme, look for posters or magazine photos of wild animals and place them in the frames. This is a very inexpensive way to decorate for a specific theme, and you can find pictures and posters in all kinds of themes.

Create Your Own Collage

Another great idea for wall art is creating a collage in a picture frame, and you can do this with any types of photos. For example, if you have a lot of regular pictures of your family members that you recently got developed, you could arrange them in the frame so that the frame contains 10 or more pictures, depending on the size of the frame.

Additionally, you could create a collage for a theme simply by clipping pictures out of magazines or books and then placing them in the frames. You could also place pictures your children have drawn in frames like this so that you have a nice way to display the art your kids have made over the years.

You can place any types of pictures in frames to create collages, and the more creative you get, the better these collages will look. Don't be afraid to try different things as you begin creating wall art with picture frames.

You could also create a unique type of collage by removing the glass and backing from the frame. After that, attach strong wire or string across the back of the frame running horizontally. Depending on the size of the frame, you might be able to attach several different pieces of string or wire. Next, clip pictures to the wires with small clips. This is a really unique way to display photographs.

Make a Key Hook

You can also use a picture frame to create a hanging key hook to place on your wall. This is ideal if you are constantly misplacing your keys, and it is easy to make. To make one of these, choose a nice frame to begin with. Next, remove the backing and the glass from the frame. Finally, insert small hooks into the top of the frame so they are facing downwards. You can then hang this on your wall and use the small hooks to hold your keys.

Decorate the Frames

No matter what ideas you choose to make with picture frames, you could also take this one step further by decorating the frames. One way to do this is by refinishing them with paint. You could simply spray paint them a different color to change their appearance. Another option is to attach different things to your frames, such as bows, ribbons, or decorative paper.

If you are interested in making wall art to display in your home with picture frames, you will need to begin by finding some nice frames that match your home and that will look great with the ideas you plan on using. To get started with this, visit an online shop that sells wall frames