Following Trends Or Following Your Own Sense Of Style: How An Interior Decorator Can Help

Home decoration styles change with the seasons and with the various holidays. If you are not Martha Stewart (and who is, besides Martha Stewart!), then you probably cannot afford to redecorate your home every couple of months. You want your home to look attractive and inviting to guests, but at the same time you might feel torn about wanting your home to reflect your personal tastes and sense of style. This is a common conundrum for most homeowners, which is why they often will hire an interior decorator to help. Here is how an interior decorator will help you decide what to do.

Some Decorating Trends Are Not for Everybody

When the latest trend is decorating your home in neutral colors like beige and taupe, you may not be up for that. Your decorator can look at the current trends in decorating and probably have a good idea for what color schemes and decorative touches are going to be popular next season. If you like his or her predictions of next season's design elements, you could get a jump on everyone else and have the decorator create your space based on those future trends. If nothing current or near future grabs you and makes you want to completely redecorate, then stress the importance of personal style to your decorator instead.

Lay It All Out on the Table

Present to your decorator all of the colors, fabrics, textures and furniture items that you like that grab your eye and that make you feel comfortable and content. These items represent your personal style. Sometimes, you just want an entire room (or house) decorated around a specific piece you own which you cannot seem to incorporate without the decorator's help. You are literally laying it all out on a table for the decorator to see and construct some designs and mock-ups based on what you present to him or her.

Mixing Personal Style with Current Trends

Every once in a while, there is a way for a decorator to take your personal style and combine it with current decorating trends. The decorator is able to successfully merge two or more styles in a very pleasing and unified way. This is especially helpful when you and your significant other do not agree on personal style or choice of designs, and/or neither of your personal styles fit with the current interior decorating trends. The best interior designers are exceptionally successful at merging styles and trends together.